As God's Children we provide compassion, community, and communion with Christ to the people in Summit County.


1. CLC’s Members are engaged in mission to the people in Summit County. 
2. CLC’s Campus is the most inviting gathering space in Summit County
3. Open Arms Daycare and Preschool and Christ Lutheran Church provide compassionate care for the children in Summit County
4. The Retreat Ministry of CLC provides people opportunities to engage in spiritual renewal

5. Christians from outside Summit County are connected to the Summit Mission Alliance



Healthy Life Rhythms – God has created us for rest, work, and recreation. 

Unconditional Relationships – Our love for others is based upon God’s love for us, not the manner in which others respond to us. 

Unity – We are one with the church of God. 

Movement – Jesus save us for the works of God and His kingdom 

Engagement with Summit County – We desire to be known in Summit County and to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.