Transferred - A Sermon Series Through Paul's Letter To The Colossians

Have you ever been transferred? That question may lead you to think about a time you were transferred to a new job. Or it may bring to mind the time you transferred from one school to another. Regardless of the realm a transfer takes place in, it is an experience that involves our whole being - our mind, our emotions, our relationships, even our very soul.

The book Colossians is all about our transfer as Christians from this world to the kingdom of Jesus. (Colossians 1:13) This transfer impacts us in our various roles in life. It impacts our past, our present, and our future. And it impacts us down to our very soul. Throughout this sermon series we will explore the various ways that we have been transferred, and how that impacts our lives today. We hope you're able to join us!

  • From Darkness to Light (1:1-1:14) - 7/14
  • From Hostile to Holy (1:15-1:29) - 7/21
  • From Death to Life (2:1-2:15) - 7/28
  • From Shadow to Substance (2:16-2:23) - 8/4
  • From Below to Above (3:1-3:17) - 8/11
  • From Master to Servant (3:18-4:1) - 8/18
  • From “Gotcha” to Gracious (4:2-4:6) - 8/25
  • From Foreigner to Family (4:7-4:18) - 9/1
  • From Rights to Righteous (Philemon) - 9/8